Protecting well-known trademark in Vietnam

10/04/2020 - 04:04

Vietnamese jurisdiction does not require a well-known trademark to be registered under regular trademark registration procedure. The right over a well-known trademark in Vietnam automatically established through the use thereof in commerce without any registration.

► International protection of well-known trademark

Well-known trademarks are protected through implementation of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (1883) as amended (Paris Convention), and Article 16 of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs). Since Vietnam is a member of Paris Convention and WTO, well-known trademark in Vietnam will enjoy advance and strong protection.

► Vietnam protection of well-known trademark

A well-known trademark in Vietnam is defined as a mark widely known by consumers throughout the Vietnamese territory (Article 4& 6 Intellectual Property Law of Vietnam). A mark, from a third party, shall be refused for protection if it is identical with or confusingly similar to another person’s mark recognized as a well-known mark for goods or services which are identical with or similar to those bearing such well-known mark. Under other circumstances, a mark also may be refused if the use of such mark may affect the distinctiveness of the well-known trademark in Vietnam or aimed at taking advantage of the reputation of the well-known mark.

However, currently there is still no official list for well-known trademarks in Vietnam. In practice, it has been considered case by case, such as by a decision/notification of the National Office of Intellectual Property under cases of cancellation/opposition procedure.

► Criteria for recognition of well-known trademark in Vietnam

According to Article 75 of Vietnam IP Law, in order to be defined as “well-known”, a trademark should be satisfied the following requirements:

(i) The number of involved consumers who have been aware of the mark through purchase or use of goods or services bearing the mark or through advertising;

(ii) Territorial area in which goods or services bearing the mark are circulated;

(iii) Turnover of the sale of goods or provision of services bearing the mark or the quantity of goods sold or services provided;

(iv) Duration of continuous use of the mark;

(v) Wide reputation of goods or services bearing the mark;

(vi) Number of countries protecting the mark;

(vii) Number of countries recognizing the mark as a well-known mark;

(viii) Assignment price, licensing price, or investment capital contribution value of the mark.

However, it is reported that very few well-known trademarks in Vietnam has been recognized. Trademark owners, especially foreigners, face difficulties to prove that their trademark is well-known in order to obtain benefits from wider protection.

► Differences between “well-known” and “widely used and recognized trademark” term in Vietnam.

According to current legislation, a well-known trademark in Vietnam is considered as having a wider protection than “widely used and recognized” trademark which means that infringement may be easier to establish. Also, a well-known trademark are protected against even non-competing, unrelated uses, on the basis that such use will dilute the distinctiveness of the well-known trademark or aim at taking advantage of the reputation of the well-known trademark.

Unlike a “well-known trademark” in Vietnam can be protected for unlimited classes, a “widely used and recognized trademark” is often protected only for goods and services related to those with which it is already associated.

The definition of a well-known trademark in Vietnam can vary depending upon the relevant jurisdiction. Numerous and different criteria can be taken into account when granting this increased level of protection to a trademark. Therefore, when confronted with this level of uncertainty, even though well-known trademarks are protected even when they are not registered, it is always advisable to register them in order to ensure the highest protection.

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