Filing application for industrial design in Vietnam

10/04/2020 - 04:24

An Industrial design means a specific appearance of a product embodied by three-dimensional configurations, lines, colors, or a combination of these elements.

An industrial design should be filed at the earliest possible time or before an article is disclosed to the public. Prior disclosure before filing will destroy the novelty of the design. So, extreme care should be exercised to ensure secret of the design.

In order to file an industrial design application in Vietnam, the Applicant should be noted some information as following:

1. Required documents:

– Original Power of Attorney (POA) form the Applicant(s);
The POA must be signed by a application or duly authorized representative on behalf of the Applicant (no further notarization or legalization is required);
The POA is required at the time of filing, please therefore arrange to have and provide us with scan copy via fax or email first and original one can be followed within one [01] month later.

– Full name and address of applicant(s);
– Full name, address and nationality of designer(s);
– Photographs or drawing of design;
The drawings of design must show clearly 7 views (separately in jpeg. format is preferable): perspective view, front view, rear view, right view, left view, top view, bottom view, at a same scale; and the minimum resolution is 300DPI.

– Original certified true copy of priority document (if any);
– Salient novelty features description in which showing the using purpose or Lorcano classification of design, if any.

2. Time and procedures

– The deadline for filing design application in Vietnam on the basis of claiming priority right under Paris convention is 6 months counted from the earliest priority date;
– The total time from filing to registration in straightforward case is 12-14 months. However, in practice, this duration can be extended further 3-6 months.

A registered industrial design is given an initial protection period of 5 years from the date of filing and is extended for two further consecutive terms of 5 years each. The maximum protection period is 15 years.

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