Our core values

25/03/2020 - 02:36

APTA & ASSOCIATES is an Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firm that exists to help clients effectively establish and secure their IP Rights as well as to help our employees find fulfillment by providing an ideal place to work and develop.

Since our inception, we have relied on a set of core values to guide us in our practice, drive our decision-making process and provide clients with TOP services:



For any applications, we shall keep them confidential and process rigorously, which is deeply trusted by our clients.  Our quotation is fixed in competitive One-Stop-Package Price until the end of authorized tasks. We NEVER charge the hidden costs.



Strictly disciplining our service, quality and efficiency in reasonable price is our value. The application of Quality Management System and Information Security Management as per ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 does help to ensure work quality, data security and confidentiality.



In our office, we have a group of professional, practical and experienced elites to serve you in laws and IP Rights with great expertise and enthusiasm. Any of your inquiry will be responded within 24 hours without fee charged for initial consultation.

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